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"I was captain for many years at Atlético, and even though I was very young, I felt obligated to make my teammates feel safe, protected and understood, specially the ones who didn’t get much playing time or were lacking in confidence. Then all of a sudden, at Chelsea, I found myself in a position where I was the one that needed that kind of treatment, that kind of support. I felt like a child who needed someone to come up to him and carefully explain to him what was going on around him. I felt like I needed someone to tell me I was there for a reason, and it might haven been very childish and immature of me, but I felt like I wasn’t getting that. I missed having a group of players around me providing me comfort and constantly telling me “kid, you’re getting it all wrong. You’re here because you have a job to do and you’re one of us now”. I felt so alone… and… I became one of those players who, while they don’t necessarily give up easily, they think “there’s nothing left for me to do here” too often."

― Fernando Torres


i may have peed myself a little watching this

Bad friends will prevent you from having good friends. ~ Gabon proverb



acting cool around ur crush


is this the new casting for gambit?


Indian Weddings [1/∞] 

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